Stage: Love

“Some things don’t change…”, Lennert says with a sunny smile, “I’m still the smallest guy in the room, I’m still a nerd (you cannot catch me without my laptop), but the essence of being an artist is E N E RGY ”.
That energy, and the vibe he puts out, make his music some of the most compelling around.
As the youngest DJ out there, Lennert quickly became one of Belgium’s best known DJs and a rising European artist. But don’t pigeon-hole Lennert based on a category.
Rather than just focusing on the sheer incandescent energy of his music, Lennert has built up on his connection with the people on the floor, and has taken it to the next level. The essence of music according to Lennert is sharing - a beat, a vibe, a mood, an emotion… anything that comes from the heart and really speaks to people. “I realized that it’s this communication that makes the difference between a good tune and something that moves you, and that’s what I’m working on right now”.
With increasing success has come the inevitable widening of Lennert’s artistic horizons.
“I was blessed to meet people from all over the world, to be exposed to different styles, different instruments, different concepts. That’s opened my eyes and given me more tools to express myself, to learn how to really reach out to people”. He’s now working with songwriters from all over the world, and that’s having a powerful effect on his music.
His first record “Bang Like Dynamite” in collaboration with Big Dawg and New York artist H.B. Monte (who’s worked with Trey Songz, Pitbull, Sean Kingston, Fatty Wap) caught fire in Belgium, stayed in MNM50 chart for a whopping seven weeks and was featured on several compilations.
Despite these changes, Lennert still enjoys playing every Friday night an all-night set in Carré. Any other day, you can find him in any club where The Wolf is welcome.