Stage: Earth

Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for a mighty wild ride right into the eye of a roaring tornado of only the finest, fastest and hardest tunes in hard rock, punk, metal and hardcore. Goe Vur In Den Otto is Flemish for ‘excellent tunes to drive your car into oblivion’ and that is exactly what Johnny Jailbait and Pete da Bomber - the two drivers of this soundsystem - are about to do. These two hell raisers will fill your tank with a molotov cocktail of brutal riffage and merciless double bass drums. In no time Goe Vur In Den Otto grew out to be the standard, a seal of quality for all those who like their music to be sleazy, its drums loud and its vocals no less than epic. Their radioshow on Studio Brussel became notorious by its vile intermezzos of hard-rock-street smarts by its two presenters while at the same time being praised for its variety of and taste in metal and punk songs. Nevertheless, playing live is what DJ Johnny Jailbait and MC Pete da Bomber are probably best known for. Having taking no prisoners on festivals like Graspop, Lokerse Feesten, Zwarte Cross and even techno-festival Laundry Day, these two devils are about to steal your soul with some powerful rock’n’roll. You wanted the best, and Goe Vur In Den Otto will play ‘em all.