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It all started way back in 1994, when the owner of a small local club asked Cyrix to play a few tunes during the club's Summer season. Being grown up in a family where music always had had a front row seat, he didn't hesitate to start what was to become at first a local succesful career, playing every possible club in the city of Torhout and surrounding. The passion for dj'ing was given to him by, at first, his father, who had been disc jockey for some local radios for many years, later on by his brother, who was resident in Torhout's most (in)famous club alongside Olivier Pieters. When his brother stopped playing, it was time for Cyrix to take over the wheel(s). In a few years he grew from club music to the music he plays today, alongside picking up acid, electro, breakcore and making contacts in almost every subgenre around techno. This way he soon joined Eernegem based RRP (Redux Remix Projects), a partnership between various dj's, including Xplovision and Psychot-X. The real boost came quite sudden by winning two of Belgium's major dj-contests in the summer of 2003: Cyrix was selected out of 250+ mixtapes to open the first (and only) I love Techno Outdoor festival in Lommel, six weeks after playing at one of the first Young Talent Corners for Kozzmozz in Gent. Appereances on Studio Brussel's Switch followed, numerous parties jumped on the hype created around him and I love Techno even invited him for another set on their 2003 Indoor edition. The conclusive of a truely explosive year followed at the end of 2003, when Cyrix was voted 'Best New Young Talent' by the readers of PartyGuide, and being featured in the line-up for Young Talent Corner's 'Best of 2003'. 2004 would be the year of the truth: the question on everyone's lips was ofcourse if Cyrix would survive the hype and prove the partypeople his last year was no lucky shot. Bookings came in from almost every major party-organisation in Belgium, including Area 51, Fuel, Decadance, ànd Cyrix' two all-time dreams became true in one night, when Marco Bailey chose him to play alongside his biggest idol Sven Väth, in his favorite club Fuse. Bailey continued his trust in Cyrix by asking him again to play his birthday party in club Silo. Another 2004 highlight followed as Kozzmozz' Matthias asks him to play the official City Parade opening party at Dampoort Station, Gent. Even the readers of Belgium's leading dance magazine Out Soon called out Cyrix as one of the revelations among the Young Talents. In 2005 Cyrix continues to add new parties and places to his resumé: he continues his residency for Fuel, yearly parties tend to ask him again for their new editions every year and Cyrix performs again on the City Parade, this time playing for hundreds of partyheads on the Kozzmozz-truck. Summer 2005 tends to create a kind of strange déjà-vu-feeling when ID&T plans to organise Tomorrowland, Belgium's biggest outdoor dance-festival, in Boom Recreationpark. Once again, Cyrix has the opportunity to open the festival, exactly two years after opening that other big outdoor event.