Stage: Fire


TorquenT, also known as Jan Billiet, has been interested in music his whole life. This 19 year old DJ started mixing about 3-4 years ago. He didn’t have a particular style though. EDM, house, drum and bass… he did it all. Enjoying the crowd was what he wanted the most. Putting a smile on their faces and create love and peace between them. His love for hardstyle began 2 years ago. He instantly fell in love with it and decided to become a hardstyle DJ. Raw, classics, commercial and maybe even some hardcore, you will be able to find all of this back in his sets. A few years ago, it was only just a dream for him to be able to show his skills to a larger crowd. But now, he has been given a golden opportunity to perform on a larger stage and he is determined to deliver! Let’s go hard together, let’s go hard with style !