Stage: Love


Dj satchmo was born in 1984, and at a very young age he was a little obsessed by music, listening to tapes of discotheques like At the villa, Extreme, Exedra, Tropicana, ... Young Satchmo was always wearing a walkman, always listening to new musicand at the age of 13 he bought his first vinyl record:DJ Satchmo was born. In the beginning he was addicted to techno and trance, later on moving to progressive house, in the start he could not master that beatmatching... but after three years of practice he finally succeeded and stayed in his bedroom to practice the vinyl for some time after that. In 2013, a friend of his started a dance café called Troyka's where he got the chance to become resident. Around this time, he was given the opportunity to burst into club Lamazonia by a friend of his sister. In 2014 he got the chance to play together with top DJ's like Marko de la Rocca, Vince Nova, Mike Thompson, and many more. These days his music style is also changing and he plays more tech house, techno, deep house and retro. And this year, he won the Land of Love DJ Contest. Come find out why!