Stage: Water

Instead of writing a biography filled with meaningless quotes and a generic ‘played at’ or ‘shared line-up with’ timeline, here is a no nonsense description of what I’m about. A fitting short version would be a deejay in a producer’s age. The main focus will always be deejaying, entertaining, getting kicks out of being in control of an audience waiting for your next trick, track or move. Doesn’t matter if it's warming up, performing at peak time or closing… the challenge is to own that moment and to make it fit in the musical trip people are taking that night. This is the challenge I live for, this drives and motivates me. My passion for music in general is the best foundation to keep that drive going. Crate digging (digital or analog) continuously to find that one track that nobody knows, to play at the right moment to create the right vibe. The versatility of techno and the freedom that you have when playing make it easy to keep sparking that passion for the genre, reliving the moment when I myself experienced it all for the first time when I started going out. The mystery that surrounds a dj is something I want to keep alive, you need to pay attention and experience the moment instead of using Shazam or taking selfies. Whether it’s vinyl or digital, old or new, raw or deep and hypnotic - finding that right combination of tracks to create a fulfilling set for both the crowd and myself is the most rewarding. Using extra samples, effects and 3 deck mixing to get the energy for that moment right and tell your story. As Dave Clarke put it to words back in 2008, words I have cherished till this day: ‘double u jay’s mix told a story and was a cross-section of multiple subgenres of techno, he deserves to play’. Over the last years it has become clear to me that the art of deejaying and having a certain skill set has become secondary to having releases and strong marketing. For me, it’s not about playing more but about playing better, making sure that every set makes sense and brings value to the crowd and also to the organiser that had a vision and experience in mind when the concept was created. Their choice to book me means they trust me with the challenge I mentioned earlier and for this I am and always will be truly grateful.