Stage: Water

Emblematic figure of the belgian rave scene, X&trick has been spreading his powerful & unique sound since 1998. Started out as dj and party promoter he soon became known as one of the most innovating dj's in the Belgian scene, soon performing at all major parties and festivals. In 2004 he started his own productions and he decided to start his own label ‘Bug Klinik Records’ in order to release music by himself and likeminded producers and friends. Following up with an intense touring shedule and played all over the world, including performances at legendary clubs and festivals like Berghain, Dour, Nuits Sonores, Retro Acid, Acid Avengers, Glade Festival and even touring in Japan, USA and Libanon. His style, which he describes himself as "Neorave", is a mix of acid, rave, techno and electro with a tremendous fascination for analogues synthesizers and drum machines. With releases on labels like New York Haunted (Drvg Cvltvre), Bass Agenda, 030303 and Bug Klinik, he has been working towards a prolific output of his new productions. In 2018, X&trick is celebrating his "20 Years dedicated Rave Warrior" and is touring with an unique analogue live show (featuring some amazing rave-visuals).