08 mar 2017


This weeks announcement is a bit special. Our Elements have been complaining that the line-up so far seems to be a man's club, so they set out to find some female crusaders out there. It's about time they took over the Land of Love!

The LOVE STAGE welcomes Jelle Van Dael, who's been travelling the world and living a life a life of TV, fame and stardom. She recently spread her wings for a new career, and she will be here to show every classy profile needs, well, just a little more edge!
Mandy will rise the temperature in our FIRE STAGE just a bit higher, bringing her love for jump, tek and hardstyle along. At the age of 16 years, she was already playing for some major festivals, and she recently changed her name from Man-D to Mandy.
Beats you can feel down your little pants, that's what they answer if you ask what they like. We are talking about Linde Merckpoel & Johnny DC, getting up early in the week to play tunes on national radio, but sleeping late after playing our EARTH STAGE.
Trixy was always insprired by dark underground techno, working behind the scenes at some of Belgium's most respected parties, until she decided to hit the decks herself. Currently you can see her perform regularly on various events where she is often re-invited and at her homebase Decadance, a testament of her skill and determination.
The AIR STAGE will host Lisa Nova, and she is all about female friendly vocal house. What better era to flash back to than the 90's?
People, we are halfway through the announcements. Don't miss your chance to be at the greatest party of the summer and get your tickets now!

More to come very soon...