23 mar 2017

5 times New!

Another week has passed, and the Elements are once again ready to reveal another part of the amazing line-up for Land of Love.

The LOVE STAGE will be the home for Lester Williams. With the slogan “NO RULES", Lester wants his audience to know that there are
no limits. The message is very clear... 'Hold onto your seats' if you are in front of the Love Stage when he's performing!
Next up is A-Bat, who earned his round of fame way back as co-founder of the infamous Raving Zone in Ostend. These days, he’s the promotor of Techno Deluxe Events, organising techno parties in Krush Club in Ostend on a regular basis. We are proud to have him on the WATER STAGE.
BPM, has gone from collecting records to actually playing them in front of a very enthousiastic audience. His skills haven't gone unnoticed and he's also partly organising the famous Retro Nation parties. He will bring his retro sounds to the AIR STAGE.
NSCLT is the next name for the FIRE STAGE. They kicked off 2016 with a slamming remix for Coone's Beat On My Drum and an amazing performance at the mainstage of Reverze, and these guys are taking the hardstyle scene by storm. Join their #noiseculture!
DJ Stef has been around the block for a long time. Being a long time resident in Ramses II to playing shows for local radio IRO, his style varies from beats to guitars to '80s funk. His experience expanded to some major festivals, so the EARTH STAGE is a next logical step.

That's it for this announcement. Slowly our Elements are filling up their stages, but we're not quite there yet. There's much more room to fill, much more names to be announced, so stay tuned!