26 jan 2018

First Artists

Land of Love 2018 is finally starting to take shape. With this start, also the first artists are lining up to fill 5 different stages of Music.
Sem Thomasson is our first name on Arce Amoris, the main stage: Sem is a rising star in the dance world and even has his own slot on Q Music.
Mr. T will play Earth's Cave: he's a well known guest on the Filefuif on Studio Brussel and knows how to meld different kinds of music in a fluent, surprising mix.
Techno addicts head to the Water Palace, where Double U Jay is tearing off the roof. Dave Clarke had his eye on him when he got to open his stage at I Love Techno, and he's been lyric about him.
Le Ch√Ęteau de l'air will host a lot of retro legends, one of them being Phi Phi. Melody is the key with the man who released numerous anthems in the glory days of trance.
Fan of hardstyle? Head to the Fortress of Fire, where Akyra is gonna make you move. After travelling over all major festivals, he now stops by at Land of Love.

Friends, this is only the start. There's lots more to come, so stay tuned!