28 feb 2018

Lust for Live

The Elements have once again searched long and wide for worthy additions to the line up of Land of Love 2018. Look what the cat dragged in!
Last year, Land of Love introduced a unique concept in today's dance festival culture: one stage would host a Rock & Various line-up, a hommage to the glory days of Torhout as a festival city. The stage was a huge success, and Rock music proved to have its place in our mission to revive those times.
This year, we will continue this tradition and take it one step further at Land of Love 2018: Earth's Cave will host two live-bands, one of which is Houston's Problem. Some of you might recognize the lead singers of the band, and they describe their sound as "A dualistic journey into desert rock with a splash of post-rock, blues, grunge, and a topping of vocal harmonies."
Bring on the horns! 🤘🤘🤘
Speaking of live acts: The Water Palace brings Dimitri Andreas, who will be doing his magic also live, making the public go “vibe-licious” just as he already did from Europe to South America and Asia.
Arce Amoris is our Main Stage, and Dennis Cartier is no stranger to big venues like this. Having a distinctive tribal sound, his fan-base keeps growing, while some of the biggest names in the industry express support for his remarkable releases.
Legends just keep coming in le Chateau de l'Air: this time we give you DJ HS, who we are all very familiar with from famous club Lagoa in Menen. He'll bring the distinctive sound back to Land of Love.
Finally, the Fortress of Fire awaits Deako. His song ‘Run 2 You’, released on one of the world’s leading Hardstyle record labels Dirty Workz has reached 100.000 plays and counting on YouTube and Spotify.

Still hungry for more? We're just getting started. Tune in back soon, the hunt is still going on.