09 mar 2018

Foreign visitors

Last year Land of Love was featured on National TV News.
One person that got interviewed immediately caught our attention: Ingrid comes all the way from Cape Town, South Africa and had a blast at our first edition.
The Elements sat down with Ingrid to ask her a few questions and get her take on what happened on that sunny day last Summer...

Elements: Hi Ingrid, glad you took the time to answer some of our intruiging questions. For starters: where are you from exactly and how did you end up in Belgium?
Ingrid: I am from sunny South Africa, Cape town Stellenbosch. Was born there and lived there all my life. My mom is Dutch and lives in Netherlands. I was contemplating relocating to Europe but did not know if I would fit in here. So I decided to go on Tinder and make friends. I really wasn’t looking for a relationship but rather people my own age to introduce me to the lifestyle here and what people my age do around here for fun. I made some great friends and ended up moving in with one of them. We hit it off so well, and we did everything together. He so happened to live in Ostend Belgium. He introduced me to all his friends and took me to beach concerts and festivals
How did you hear about the Land of Love festival?
It was at one of these festivals that I got a pamphlet for Land of Love. The pamphlet looked really cool and inviting. I loved the name “Land of Love” and the line up of music, deejays looked interesting.
Was Land of Love what you expected? Or, what did you expect and did it live up to those expectations?
I expected a night that was going to blow my mind. Full of good music, happy people all there for the same reason. Excellent Deejays and music that would make me want
to dance all night long. Land of Love not only met up to this but exceeded my expectations as there were different stages and no matter which one I was at, it was amazing. If I remember correctly the main stage was my favorite and the performance from Green Man (Dr. Lektroluv) was MIND BLOWING...
If you could change or add one thing to our festival, what would it be?
If I could change or add one thing, that would be more food options. So there would be less waiting period and healthier options like chicken wraps not just hamburger and chips. However as far as the venue, stages, deejays and music, I would make no changes. I thought it was excellent.
We have some good news about that: we are working very hard to give the visitors more food options :-) How would you convince people that haven't been there last year to buy a ticket for this year?
I would tell people who haven’t gone before: Do yourself a favor and partake in something that I think is going to become as big as Tommorow Land. Do it now before it becomes that BIG and you can no longer get tickets!! Land of Love transports you into another world, where for a time you can forget about any problems you may have in your regular life and just feel like a maybe a celebrity who can just enjoy life, have fun, party all night long with such a great vibe and atmosphere all around. It is energizing, happy and full of LOVE for the fellow “Land Lovers” The feeling is just one of complete euphoria and togetherness in community. Many people uniting together for love of music, peace and fun.

Finally: describe Land of Love in exactly three words.

Thanks to Ingrid for taking the time :-)
You can still view the complete feature on VRT NWS here: