14 mar 2018


The Elements just can't stop bringing in fresh artists for the line up of Land of Love.
This week we have CJ Bolland on Arce Amoris, the Main Stage. CJ Bolland brought 'The Prophet' in our collective memory, and delivered several fantastic albums like 'The Analogue Theatre' in the nineties. He was also part of Magnus, who is doing their farewell tour as we speak.
Goldfox will light up The Water Palace. Whopping up at an impressive number 18 in Red Bull Elektropedia's Belgian DJ List, and hosting his own radio show on Studio Brussel, this creative vinyl addict loves to throw in surprising twists in his techno-sets.
Two weeks ago we surprised you with a first live band in Earth's Cave, this week we welcome the second one to the scene: Bizkit Park pays tribute to one of the most infamous subgenres of alternative music in a spectacular fashion: Nu-metal lives on, and with a live reputation like a rock these guys promise to bring down the house.
Did we already have a legend this week? We think we have several in the making, but once again we have another veteran in Le Chateau de l'Air: DJ Bountyhunter is yet another retro master with several stompers on his own name: remember Whoops, Demilitarized Zone and numerous other on the Bonzai imprint.
The Fortress of Fire brings us a recognized face: Dark-E already teared the roof down at Land of Love last year, and he's eager to repeat that mission this year. Welcome back!

A quick round up learns us we are at a bout half of the complete line up.
That means there's more to come.
But also: more than half of the tickets are already sold, so don't wait any longer to secure your entry to Arce Amorum.

And the Elements? Their search goes on.