28 mar 2018

Party of 5

Knock knock
Who's there?
The Elements
The Elements who?
The Elements who bring you 5 fresh names for this year's Land of Love festival!
First off we have 5napback on Arce Amoris, who made it to the finals of MNM's Start to DJ in 2016. 5napback brings a mix of hits, and records that have a high 'through the roof'-value: party guaranteed!.
RVAGE started 2018 with a new solo track called Famous, continuing to evolve his style and pushing his boundaries. By proving his talents and musical creativity RVAGE is certainly on the fast track to all grand stages at festuvals worldwide, but first he makes a stop at the Fortress of Fire!
We hope we don't bore you to death with these legends, but they just keep on coming: Phil Watts has been on the scene since the early 1980's. He began as a radio DJ at the age of 14 on what was called free radio in Belgium those days, such as Radio One, Superstar, SIS... . He firstly became a DJ resident at the New Ones, New Ghost, Barney'z and Maxy's in Ghent ('84-'88) and was offered a DJ residency at the prestigious Boccaccio club in Destelbergen, the cradle of new beat (after winning the 1988 Belgian DMC mixing contest over there)... The heat is on in Le Ch√Ęteau de l'Air!
Emblematic figure of the belgian rave scene, X&trick has been spreading his powerful & unique sound since 1998. Heis celebrating his "20 Years dedicated Rave Warrior" and is touring with an unique analogue live show, which brings him to the Water Palace.
DJ Bertrand brings you an exclusive cocktail of recognizable but yet surprising folk, folkrock and -punk, latino and world music.
Come and swing to Bertrand's 'Devils dance Floor' in Earth's Cave!

Be sure to keep an eye on your door, as the Elemens might come knockin' again, sooner than you think...