11 apr 2018


Almost there? Not quite, the Elements still have lots of spots to fill on the 5 stages of Land of Love 2018. Let's see what they've come up with this time, shall we?
Blvckprint focuses on the synergy between music and audience. Along with his undeniable mixing skills, he has the talent to gauge a crowd by dropping the perfect beat at just the right moment, at the right place: the Arce Amoris stage.
DJ Bolle is yet another legend for le Chateau de l'air. After his memorable set last year, we couldn't resist booking this Lagoa resident for a round 2.
DJ Tone claims his spot on Earth's Cave again, and Torhout knows his name best as one of the main men behind Strike. You know what that means: drums, guitars and lots of grunting going on on this stage!
With a huge passion for music, Demoniak bends the rules and twist the style with great creativity! For several years now Demoniak is one of the big players in the scene. Check them out in the Fortress of Fire.
And the Water Palace welcomes DJ Cyrix again. In between working behind the scenes at Land of Love, Cyrix has been a well-known face in the techno scene for more than 15 years, and having won Studio Brussel's Switch young talent contest way back in 2003, he deserves his spot on Torhout's hottest festival.

There's still more to come. How much more? Only time will tell. But we've been assured the Elements still have some big surprises coming up.
Be sure to grab your ticket for Land of Love 2018 before time runs out, because the last wave of tickets is on sale as we speak!