09 may 2018

Industryalizer Live

The Elements found a worthy headliner for the Water Palace in the form of Industryalizer Live, who has been releasing on infamous labels like Drumcode and Kombination Research.
Ricardo Rodrigues is the kind of artist that’s best described as ‘self-made’. His road to success took him from his birth town Lisbon, all the way to Holland, and then to Barcelona. Recently he felt it was time to return to his roots, and set up Industrialyzer’s headquarters in Amsterdam, the capital of the country where he truly discovered Techno, raves, and everything that makes people fall in love with this scene.
By now there are a huge number of Industrialyzer originals to underline Rodrigues’ gift for speaking to the masses through stripped down, high energy Techno. Also he’s delivered many remixes and reworks with the Advent for the likes of Umek, Green Velvet, Pig&Dan, Alex Bau, and Tom Hades to name a few.

Get ready for some smashing techno in the Water Palace!